Man overboard I am
I sought to keep living



There was a ship that kept sinking
A ship I worked on
I used to not have the tools to keep it afloat
I used to not know how to keep it afloat
Over some time I would learn how to use my tools
But the band aids would come off the holes
The holes stayed there
My ship remained under attack
Water didn’t give it life, it’d sink it
My ship would spit it out, but staying in water kept me afloat yelling SOS
My ship in turn was hurting me, endangering my life
It was time to rip of the band aids
And let my ship sink
It has been sinking all these years
My tools or not knowing how to use my tools weren’t the problem
Putting my life in danger was
So I ripped off the bands that covered the holes of my sinking ship
Currents took my ship
It twirled & danced into a violence
An alien, unfit for the demands of the sea
But, here I am
Swimming, alive in the ocean
I thought I could not survive out here without my ship
A ship
A multi-holed ship
A ship that could not be fixed & carried me to a violent, deep sea
But I’m the one who stayed on the ship after the bridge past the dock burned on top of us
My ship was not meant for the ocean
The ocean gives life while the ship continuously sank
It brought me in peril & made me fear the sea
How could I survive without my ship?
My ship brought me to the violence & life-taking currents in the deep ocean, sinking more & more, mile by mile
I felt like a failure because I couldn’t fix my ship that lead me out here in danger
The ocean is suppose to give life to the Earth
In the midst of jeopardy, I sought to keep living
I sent myself off into the sea
On an alien, unfit for the demands of it
My ship
I miss my ship
I miss the hope it gave me
I hate how it put me in danger
I hate how overtime
I forgot about my two arms & two legs
I forgot about my ability to survive in the sea
The ocean gives life to the Earth
It won’t hurt, I am fit for the sea
Man overboard I am
I sought to keep living