I am, so I can.

I’ve been feeling very philosophical lately, thinking of my purpose in life and what not. After several existential crises, something came to me; I am, so I can. This just means, as a human being — or merely as a figure who exists — I can! I can do physical activity, follow my passions, and do good in the world. But, even if I was a human vegetable, stuck in a coma, someone with different abilities, or even a child, I can do just the same. Though these exceptions are not often included when others philosophize about human life, this gives all beings possibility. If I — or anyone — was placed into those frames, we would still be able to give others overwhelming emotion, hope, faith, etcetera. Even people that are deceased, but still live through memory, can do the same. Their spirit lives on to move their loved ones. “I am, so I can” is much bigger than being able to do something, it gives our lives a purpose — that we aren’t a waste and meant to wander around this Earth until we meet our demise. You are, so you can, just by being you. As humans, we are given so much potential — from producing carbon dioxide for the circle of life, to creating, to inspiring peers, neighbors, and even enemies. There’s a greatness in all of us — we just have to be willing to give this gift to others. I hope I gave you a little faith in yourself today.

Much love & peace.

Emily Chih-ming Jay